How to get backlinks -An ultimate guide for building link

Building Link – You have blog or a website; you are creating awesome content on daily basis, BUT! You are getting very less or NO traffic. Am I right? Are you facing this problem? If you are facing this problem then you are not alone! Many people are facing the same issue,

The answer is crystal clear!Doing keyword research and writing high quality content are definitely the primary requirements of SEO,

BUT! This doesn’t mean that you do Keyword research, write content and then wait for people to visit to visit your site. You have to do much more and that is known as Off-page SEO.

We are only going to talk about one but the primary and the most important part of Off-page SEO and that is building links! Being a blogger, you must be familiar with this term, it is basically building links on other websites that link back to your website.

What is the benefit of building links?
Building link builds the authority and trust of your website in the eyes of Google and is one of the most powerful ranking factor to-date.

How to build backlinks?
This is what this post is written for, Down below we have listed five best ways for building links which will definitely help you.

Let’s get into it,

Five best methods for building link

  1. Broken link building

Broken link building
Broken link building is my favorite and one of the best ways for building link.

What is broken link building?
Broken link building is a process of checking your niche related websites for any broken links, reporting those broken links to the owner or the moderator of the website and providing new links in return which will be linking back to your websites.


Don’t worry I have explained the complete process below step-by-step,

First you need to find your niche related websites which have broken links on any of their pages. You must be thinking by now that what are broken links?
Broken links are those links which are no more working due to some problem in the websites providing those links. You can find the websites with broken links manually by searching on Google with following terms in the search bar,

your keyword + links

your keywords + resources

keywords inurl:links

You can replace the word ‘keyword’ with your own niche related keyword like this,

weight loss + links

weight loss + resources

weight loss inurl:links

Now once you have found the websites you can identify the broken links on their pages by using the Google Chrome plugin “Check my links“.

Now it’s the time to contact the owner or moderator of the website,

Wait wait wait….

This is a delicate step, you need to be very polite and careful while reaching out to the owner/moderator. Be professional, give the exact location of the broken link and give your link as a replacement. Write in a helpful tone not a greedy one. If you have done everything right chances are that the owner will link to your website.

  1. Building links with Guest posting

Guest posting
Guest posting is without any doubt the best way for building link. Guest posting is writing a post and publishing it on the site you want backlink from with a link back to your website.

Sounds so easy! Doesn’t it?

Well it’s not that easy once you are approaching high authority websites because of their requirements, but if your content is unique and of high quality then surely you will get the reward. Let me explain the whole process step-by-step,
First you need to find your niche related websites that accept guest posts.

But how to find them?

There are tons of ways to find them, I am listing some them below.

Keyword + submit an article

Keyword + inurl:write-for-us

Keyword + become a contributor

Keyword + guest-posts

Keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines

Keyword + bloggers wanted

Keyword + want to write for

Keyword + become an author

Keyword + now accepting guest posts

Keyword + contribute

You just have to search these terms on Google with your own keyword.

Once you have found the websites now it’s the time to pitch them or directly submit them the post, it depends upon their requirement whether they allow direct submission of posts or you have to pitch them first. Guest posting doesn’t only give you a powerful backlink but also increases your reputation.

  1. Building links by spying on your competitors

spying on your competitors
Here comes the big method. This method is one of the most effective method for building links.

What does this method involve?

This is a process in which you spy on your competitors by checking the websites linking to them, making high quality content better than your competitor and pitching those websites to get YOUR backlink!!!

For this process you need to have access to Ahrefs or Opensite explorer by MOZ (I recommend Ahrefs). Both of these tools are paid so you need to buy any of the above for this method!

No pain no gain! simple is that!

I have gone through the method very quickly but don’t worry I have written the exact steps below.

First open Ahrefs or Open site explorer, I will talk about Ahrefs here, the process is almost similar.
Place the URL of your competitor in the search box and hit Enter.
Now Ahrefs will show the complete report of your competitor. Check the backlink report and check all the websites linking to your competitor website.
Now it’s your turn!
Create better content than your competitor, pitch the linking website and ask if they would like to link to your website. Chances are that they would give you a link.

That’s it!

  1. Building links with info graphics

Building links with info graphics
It is also an amazing method for building link also known as Guestographics. Guestographics is creating a high-quality infographic on a hot topic in your niche, pitching high authority websites in your niche and asking if they would like to post your infographic on their website with a link back to your website.

Infographics are in high demand nowadays so it’s the best opportunity for you to go with this method. You can make an infographic yourself but if you are a noob in designing like me then you can hire a designer from Fiverr in cheap price.

Way to go…

  1. Building links with outreach

Building links with outreach
Pic by MOZ

This method involves reaching out to influencers in your niche, building relationship with them and finally offering them an awesome piece of content. If they accept your content, then you can ask them for a link back to your website, 90% percent chances are that they will give you a link.
This is one of the most legitimate ways for building links. Using this way, you can build high quality backlinks and increase your reputation as well.

That’s all!

Hope this guide for building links will be helpful for you. Now it’s your time to start implementing these methods.

I am sure you will be successful if you do everything right.

Have a great day!

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