What is off page SEO?

There are a lot of people who have started blogging today and are unaware of SEO. Many individuals that had been blogging for a while are not able to rank their site yet because they have been doing the on-page and off-page optimization the wrong way. As stated, the SEO is categorized as on-site and off-site search engine optimization. Both are necessary for any site. However, the topic of discussion right now is what is off page SEO and what are the best practices to follow it.

What is off page SEO?

The off-page or off-site search engine optimization points to the things that you do directly off your website but are helpful for ranking it higher. These include the social networking, article submission in directories to get backlinks, forum posting, blog marketing, and similar other tasks. There are specific practices that you can follow in your attempt to do the off page SEO.

Social networking

The social platforms have millions of users, and most of them are active on a daily basis. Therefore, if you get involved in it and manage to gather a few people under your banner, you can advertise your site and content without much problem. Just make it sure that you target people that are interested in the niche that you are working at and there you will have more and more traffic on your site. The social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, google+, etc. can be used for the purpose. Also, by sharing your website’s content on these platforms, you are also generating backlinks (further details ahead).


If you want to promote your site online, the best way to do it is by blogging. The time you start writing a regular blog, you are asking your visitors to keep coming for more content. So, they will return to your site for fresh content, and it will force the crawlers to frequently crawl your site. As they will change the indexing of your website at regular intervals, the chances are that your site will get ranked higher.

However, to put it into practice, you have to update your site at regular intervals and that too with unique content which should be engaging. Writing such articles on a daily basis can be hectic. Some good ways to tackle the problem is by starting to write the top lists, tutorials, posting viral videos and adding infographics. Just remember that you are trying to engage people with the content and if you want to achieve the goal of making visitors stick to your site and coming back for more, ensure that you post useful content.

Marketing your blog

The blog marketing refers to posting comments on the posts that are relevant to your niche. It allows you to add the link to your website in the comments section which can then be crawled by search engines. When the bots are going to the particular forum, they will see a do-follow link pointing to your site that adds up to its value.

Engaging in forums

The forum engagement is another important aspect of off-site SEO. There are several forums online, each with different posts, where you can go and engage yourself in discussions. There, you can reply to the queries of people and help them out, and in return, you will get a chance to point towards your site. Ultimately, there is a backlink added to search engine directory to your site and also opportunity that a person going through the blog will visit your website.

Submitting your site to search engine

An attempt to do things that will make your website rank higher in the search engine. How your site gets ranked? The bots come at your webpage and crawl it before indexing. So, what if you submit your site to search engine and invite the crawlers for a visit? Any online site will eventually be found by the bots, but the automatic procedure can take a while. Therefore, calling the bots manually to your page and asking them to come and crawl your site can help in faster ranking.

Submit sites in directory

There is a long debate on this topic, and many experts believe that directory submission is dead new. However, it’s not the case because there are specific directories that are online and running till this date and people turn towards them for various purposes. For example, the WHOIS is also a directory that is visited by thousands of people all over the globe. Therefore, submit your site to the available directories. While you are doing it, make sure that you choose the categories carefully.

Be active on social bookmarking sites

The social bookmarking sites provide you another chance to rank your page higher in search engine by giving another open door for off page SEO. The websites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, etc. are there to help you out and the search engines also value these sites. However, you need to be careful while you are doing it because the tag handling can be hectic and only the right tags will prove to be most beneficial for your site.

Article submission

If you got the ability to write some decent content, then the article submission directories can be an excellent choice. There are websites including Ezine, Go Articles, Now Public, etc. that can drive traffic to your site as the sites allow you to post an article and in return add a couple of dofollow links as per your liking. However, to the taste of many people, it is a bit tough and slow process. But due to the fact that these links are pretty valuable, some people do opt for this off-site SEO technique.


So, this is all about what is off page SEO and some useful tips that allow you to rank your site higher. Apart from things listed above, you can go for link exchanging, photo sharing, video marketing, local listings, business reviews, link baiting, social shopping networks, answering the question, and anything relevant as long as it strengthens your website and complies with the standards of search engines.

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